Lost To Idle Occupations (dismalone) wrote in hell_and_death,
Lost To Idle Occupations

Bring it on!

This show is going to be amazing. If you're in the area you'd be foolish to miss this!

At this show we will be unleashing our largest distro to date! This distro will feature hundreds od CD's, some of which being out of print and ultra collectable. I will also have a limited selection of rare vinyl, t-shirts and possibly some posters for sale. Prices will range from a very low 2 dollars to 25 dollars and up for the more collectable items. This will be a muli-genre distro. From Emperor to Cannibal Corpse, from Hatebreed to Einherjer, from Sentenced to Sepultura, from Judge to Cryptopsy and everthing in between! Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Gore Grind, Hardcore, Punk, Metalcore, Trance, Industrial and just about everything you could imagine will be on hand. The price of the show is worth it just to see what I will have on hand...
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